Align With The Heart

Oracle Card Sessions
shift to a more positive space within you:
body, mind, emotions and spirit​​

A Mirror For The Magic Of Our Knowing Selves

Oracle Card Sessions 

                                              Reclaiming our Power
Love is the intuitive knowledge of our hearts.  It's a 'world beyond' that we all secretly long for.  An ancient memory of this love haunts all of us all the time, and beckons us to return.  We want to return because we want our power back.  Love doesn't mean we give up our power; love is how we reclaim it.            
                                                    Marianne Williamson, Author of a Return to Love

What is a session like and how long does it take?

An Align With The Heart Oracle Card Session takes about one-half hour.  Karen will meet with you for the session over the telephone or computer.  She will discuss your goal and set the intention for the session with you.  The session will begin with a blessing and light language to call in the Light and Love of Source energy and Angels for highest and best good.  Karen will then ask you to focus on your heart as she assists you in a gentle heart alignment to shift your energy to more heart awareness for what is most needed now in this sacred space.  Karen will draw each card and "read" its deeper spiritual meaning, interpreting through her knowledge of the cards and her intuition.  The mirror of your own truth, the inner seeker inherent in each one of us, is waiting to come forward with the magic of its own truth, always guided by the innate intelligence of your own body, mind, and spirit.

Oracle cards do not absolve you of the responsibility for selecting your future, but rather direct your attention towards those inner choices that may be the most important elements in determining that future.   Some say an oracle card reading is a way by which the subconscious makes itself and its expectations known.  By bringing this energy into conscious awareness, the shift can lead to more balance and understanding.   Karen will end the Oracle Card Session with light language and a blessing.    People have remarked their session did indeed provide a mirror for the magic of their knowing self, and that they felt a gentle, positive guidance towards their goal.

How does Karen use Light Language?

At the beginning and end of the session, or when she intuitively feels the guidance, Karen will also shift energetic frequencies through light language.  She will ask you to focus on your heart as you listen to her voice shift to "light language" dialect.  You will receive the encoded harmonic sound imprints given especially for you.  These harmonic imprints helpt to transform energies to higher frequencies so your energy field can hum a new tune.  The light language harmonics will center around your intention for the session. The energies will shift around that goal always for highest and best good and what is most needed now.  People have said they feel relaxed and a soothing feeling during the light language. 

Karen's oracle card sessions, light language, and heart alignment energy work are complementary only and do not take the place of any medical or mental health treatments you may already receive from any other practitioner.  She works with the energetic body only to unblock, shift, and transform energy.  Energy always shifts.  Energy shifts may lie beneath conscious awareness.


          How do I make an appointment
          and how much does a session cost?

          To make an appointment please contact
          Karen by e-mail on the contact page.  
          She will e-mail you or telephone you
          to arrange the best time.  Karen works 
          on a donation basis according to each
          person's ability.

          Karen will telephone you at
          the scheduled appointment time.

"I look forward to helping you have more positive energy available in your life through an Align With The Heart Oracle Card Session.        Karen